Product Comparisons

How have we arrived at our trusted range of products?
Building | Riding | Servicing

We are both wheel builders and keen cyclists. Not only have we built with each of our components, but between ourselves and a number of selected test riders, we have ridden every component in our range.

Now, we cannot profess to have ridden each component in every possible condition, terrain or weather, however, through our experience and own analysis we have arrived at an extensive range of components which we believe offers either an all-round or unique (lightweight or super durable) quality.

We have compared our component range based on three key criteria | Price, Weight and Durability.


See below for how each of our road hubs stack up against each other in terms of price, weight and durability. All of our hubs are available in a range of colours to ensure you have truly personalised wheelset.

Scoring Criteria

A score out of 10 is given for where the hubs sit relatively within our range. Top marks go to those under £150, bottom to the premium range over £700.
Where ceramic bearings are an upgrade options, these have not been accounted for.




Individual Hubs

The overall specs and scores for each of our hubs can be found below.