AForce Al33 | Ultimate Alloy


Weight | 500g
Depth | 32.5mm
Width | 24.2mm
Max Width | 26.2mm
Bead Width | 19.6mm
Material | AF9X Alloy
Finish | Black Anodised
Drillings | 20 | 24 | 28
Tubeless | Compatible
ERD | 576


Looking for the benefits or carbon without the downsides? These Al33 rims from AForce are the nearest thing going. In fact, they are probably the best alloy rims in the world right now.

Irrelevant of the brake surface finish, it is a well known fact that braking is better on an alloy surface than carbon. The difference is negligible in the dry, but is noticeable in the wet. For anyone looking to ride all year round, but still after a race ready wheel set, these are hands down the rims for you.

Thanks to their wide, toroidal profile, in a wind tunnel they stack up against far deeper carbon options. The wide and volumous tyre profile they create means they track round corners like nothing else while providing a buzz absorbing comfy ride.

Of course there has to be a downside and that is of course weight. At approximately 60-70g heavier per rim when compared to an equivalent carbon option, there is still reason to upgrade to carbon, although now diminished.

Finally, although a high end alloy rim, they are still more pocket friendly than any quality carbon rim build worth considering.