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Having grown up with cyclist friends and family, bikes have always played a memorable and special part in all three of our lives. It was back in those far off days of GCSE’s though, while attempting to impress girls, Jez and I became increasingly obsessed with bikes (partly due to our failure to impress) and so the dream was created; run a bike business to share our love and passion for everything bikes!

Well fast forward sevenish years of riding, crashing, repairing, racing, puncturing and riding some more and here we are – Pura Velo is born! Between the two of us and Mike who, fortuitously, brings to the team a level business mind alongside a passion for cycling! Over the years all three of us have become emersed both professionally and personally in the world of bike mechanics. Having a current total of twentyish bikes (it constantly fluctuates) between us, all customised or custom built, we always keep up to date with the latest tech and ensure our skills are fresh.


...Years of riding, crashing, repairing, racing, puncturing and riding some more and here we are...

...Pura Velo is born!


Jeremy, being an engineer, is always researching the mechanics behind all the new tech. Mike is either at the track, out on club runs or crit racing so loves to keep his kit up-to-date. Myself, well mostly I just try to find anyway to get faster without having to train too hard! So with all this research and knowledge we thought why not do something with it.

Wheels became the focus due to an almost compulsive obsession to make every bike different, entirely custom and completely unique.
Further to that, hand-built wheels are undoubtedly the most efficient upgrade to a bike you can spend your hard earned money on. You can specify the purpose of the wheels, whether they need to take a battering, be light as a feather or slice through the air like a knife.

With many wheel builds already under our belts and our portfolio forever expanding, we are highly competent builders. We show our own faith in our wheels, we are offering free truing of any of our wheel builds for the first year (providing you haven’t run over it with a car or demolished them by riding into someone else’s skewer!).

The name Pura Velo came from trying to keep it pure and simple. ‘Pure Cycling’ is what we stand for, be it on the road or trail it should just be you and the bike in harmony with a whirring of your wheels through the mud, road or air. Simplicity is one of the joys of cycling, you don’t need the weather to be perfect, you don’t need to spend a fortune to do it and most importantly it keeps your mind and body healthy.

We’re pretty excited about the future for Pura Velo and where it may lead. For all the latest, to keep up to date and to generally hear more about bikes; check out our blog or find us on the usual social media channels. We’ll progressively be getting our knowledge out of our head and on to paper so keep coming back to learn from our knowledge base too. Hopefully we will see you out on the road or trails sometime soon!

Happy riding! | PV.

Guy Murray